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Mobile Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence integration will be a prime mobile development trend since it paves the way to an array of benefits for any enterprise. For example, AI can boost back-end development processes, review errors, and automate the tasks done manually. Moreover, AI promises to deal with a wide range of advanced features like image recognition, predictive text, facial identity recognition, and emotion recognition. Last but not least, AI facilitates secure and instant biometric verification and can enhance the search process for the end-user but showing preferable results.

Integrating the Physical and the Digital Worlds using Augmented reality

The growth of Augmented reality-based mobile app trends remains solid. Elite tech giants, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, are heavily invested in AR technology. As a result, the global Augmented/Virtual reality domain is expected to peak at an even more aggravated pace by 2025. Industries like entertainment, retail, manufacturing, real estate, education, levels of user satisfaction.

Mobile Apps linked with Beacon Technology

Even though cryptocurrencies were the genesis of blockchain technology, their overall operation has gravitated to other domains. Blockchain tech is commonly implemented in mobile application development for digital payment forums & currency converters. It is also used to track down digital assets, protect digital identity, provide cloud storage solutions,

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